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Volunteer Video Crew needed for SIB BM Church Youth Rally Concert on 14th October

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2007

SIB BM Church will be holding a 3-day Youth Conference in SIB KL. It will be from 14-16 October 2007. There will be morning sessions and also 3 nights of concert. For the concert, it will be held at Main Sanctuary, SIBKL.

Due to one of our crew’s wedding also falling on the 14th night, we don’t have enough manpower for that night as most of the media crew from SIBKL will be attending the wedding. We are looking for 5 volunteers to handle cameras and the switcher on 14th October 2007. Dinner will be provided.

Please call Calvin Low from SIBKL (016-2323263), or Bob from SIBKL (016-2255075) if you can help us.

God bless!

Extension of Chargeup! KK Early bird.

Friday, July 27th, 2007

We’ve decided to extend the Early bird fee of RM150 until August 1st
2007. This will apply for all (both livewire and non livewire). After
that, instead of closing the registration, the late fee of RM200 will
come into effect. Please encourage your friends and associates to join
the conference.

From Membership to Partnership

Monday, March 26th, 2007

The LiveWire! Media Ministry Network brings together like-minded people who form a network of synergy and resources.

We are passionate about our vision, “Charged to Change, Connected as One Church” and to do so, we “link up God’s media talents and resources, raise up a spirit of kingdom excellence in media, lift up the message of the gospel of Christ.” Yes that’s our mission statement!

With that, LiveWire! has turned up at various churches in Malaysia as well as at several Christian events in Malaysia. You may have seen our booth at some, introducing ourselves and also Connections, a membership system for those who share the same passion about what we do.

This year, we at the core leadership of LiveWire! felt that it’s not about signing for memberships and just merely “subscribe” to our “announcements” but its about connecting partners who believe in our vision and whose hearts are purposed to see God being lifted up using media. We are not just members, but partners.

From now on, Connections will be open for “Individual Partnership” and “Corporate Partnership”. When you sign up for Connections, you are contributing as a partner and you are part of LiveWire! as a partner. We do not want to just go around recruiting members, but we want to be connected as partners.

For those of you who have already signed up in Connections, we want to appreciate your partnership with LiveWire! and we look forward to what God will continue to bring about through it and through every individual and organization connected ultimately to Him! :)

If you’d like to know how you can be part of Connections, email or call Alice Chong at / +6012-8022771

Freedom Film Fest 2007

Friday, March 16th, 2007

If any of you are interested in human rights issues and would like to make a film about it…now’s the best time to write your proposal and to submit it to KOMAS (Pusat Komuniti Masyarakat). The best 3 entries will get a grant of RM5000 to make your human rights stories. The closing date for entries is 6th April 2007 so better get cracking! The theme this year is “50th Merdeka: The Untold Human Rights Stories”. For more information, read up about it here.

I’ve worked with KOMAS before on making a film exploring the issue of inter-racial relationships. Most of their videos are used for education purposes and as discussion material. The people there are passionate about their work and the people they support. Do tell your friends about this Freedom Film Fest.

Unpredictable Living

Monday, January 22nd, 2007

It’s our last week in Nepal and we were supposed to hike up Ghandruk today- a trail near the Annapurna Range. We’ve been told about how beautiful it’s supposed to be, how tough it is, cold…etc. Everything has been geared towards climbing that mountain. But yesterday, unpredictable Nepal became….well, unpredictable.

A bandh (pronounced as Bun) was announced yesterday. It means closure. And by this I mean roads. No cars or motorbikes were allowed to travel anywhere in Pokhara. The bandh is enforced by the Maoists and mostly for various reasons like increase in petroleum prices, seeking vengeance for a family that’s killed on the roads…etc. When we first found out about the bandh, we heard that 4 buses had been burned.

The bandh can run for a day or for as many days as possible until some sort of ‘agreement’ is arrived at with the government. Well at least we can still go out of the house. The last time Pr Palan and his family had to stay indoors for 21 days as there was a curfew. No one was allowed out of their homes. There was no food, no way of getting out, and no work. I can’t believe that things like these happen, but in a politically-tense country, everything is possible.

We made the best of what we could and stayed mostly indoors to look at our video footage and organize our thoughts. In the evening we walked 4kms one way to Lakeside, Pokhara where we had our dinner and booked our flights out of Pokhara for Friday. Then we walked 4kms back - uphill. If the bandh continues we may not be able to get to the airport easily, and I heard it was 10kms away from where we lived! Not a pleasant idea at all! But somehow in my heart, I know that God is still in control of everything and it’s all in His hands.

At least we got an elephant ride in Chitwan National Park (4 hrs away) on Friday. :) What a nice treat!

LiveWire Team to Pokhara, Nepal

Monday, January 8th, 2007

Reporting from Nepal…


Choon Ean and I, both from Damansara Utama Methodist Church (DUMC) departed from KL this morning at 5:30 a.m. to go to KLIA. We transited in Bangkok, where we met Poh Sim from the Reservoir Garden Baptist Church, Penang (RGBC) who flew in from Penang. We then caught a flight to Nepal.

The purpose for going to Nepal is to document God’s work there. Pastor Palan from RGBC has been instrumental in reaching out to many of the local Nepalis. We are armed with digital SLRs, video cameras, lights, tripods, mics, a Macbook, external hard drives and Muesli bars. Now we’re ready to take video, photos and also start on the edit while we are here. (more…)

Flickers of Light: A Christmas Story

Friday, December 22nd, 2006

Weeks of hard work and prayers finally paid off when the video Flickers of Light was completed just a few weeks before Christmas 2006. It tells the real life story of Wan & Kelly, who by a miracle of God, received their premature baby into the world. The story begins with a dramatization of Wan & Kelly’s journey, through a drama.

Watch the story here

View behind the scenes photos here

Prayer Requests: LiveWire Mission Team to Yogyakarta

Saturday, June 10th, 2006

LiveWire is sending its first media mission team to Yogyakarta, Indonesia, in the wake of the recent devastating earthquake that killed thousands of people there. The team will be going under STAMP to film the crisis relief efforts that are ongoing in Yogyakarta. After a few of us praying, calling & deliberating, Liston, who’s the main contact with STAMP, booked 3 tickets to Solo which is near Yogyakarta for himself (team leader - from DUMC), Sha (SIBKL) & Ewe Jin (PJEFC).

The team will be in Yogyakarta from the 12-15th June 2006. This is the first time LiveWire! is being called upon to work with a missions network… it’s kinda like serving as a media team for a para-church organization… which has been one of the visions of Livewire!