It’s Coming!!

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  1. Wen Sen Says:

    I am very interested in this Charge-up conference and would like to join the photography course. But I’m schooling on Thursday and Friday! Is there any other choices? I really don’t wanna miss this great conference and of course would not want to miss my school lesson.

    Is this conference only targeted at young adults and seniors? Then how are secondary school students able to join? Just my two cents. Please reply. Thanks.

  2. Grace Says:

    I am sorry that we could not have this conference during school holidays as most churches have their camps and retreats during that time too. A lot of programs clash and this is the only date where we could see that most churches did not have activities on for that weekend.

  3. Wen Sen Says:

    then this means i’ve gotta skip school for 2 days….hmmm. And i may be the only young one there. I’ll get my parents’ consent first. Btw, if i’m joinng the photography course and don’t own a flash gun, is that ok? Thanks for ur input.

  4. Alex Lam Says:

    Don’t worry about not having a flash gun. And also, don’t worry about being young - we’re all “young” too! Yes, you do need to get the consent of your parents’ though.

    We’ll look forward to having you join us then. Sign up soon.

  5. Kee Sitt Says:

    This is one of the best Charged Up conference. Look at the good contents and great speakers. Oh..and the great low FEES ! You would pay thousands for such conference outside. Don’t delay your registration. Places are gonna fill up fast than you ever imagined! Don’t wait ! You will be really glad you got your spot !

    Nuff reading the comments ! Download that form and send it back to us at livewire !

  6. Wen Sen Says:

    I cant download the parent consent form. I believe the link is not working.

  7. Grace Says:

    The link is working now, sorry about that.

  8. Wen Sen Says:

    No prob. It’s worth the wait…hehe

  9. Grace Says:

    For those who haven’t signed up yet, do sign up quickly as spaces are being filled fast, especially for the photography stream. Only 6 spaces left!

  10. Choon Ean Says:

    As Kee Sitt has already commented - “You would pay thousands for such a conference….” We ARE offering quite a lot for very little. A great factor in why we are able to keep the fees so low is really because of the generosity of all those involved. The trainers, the owners of the equipment, the venue host and so many others are simply coming together to give their best to the Lord in this without any monetary expectations.

    Do take note that this may be the last time that we’re offering a slightly lower rate to Individual & Organizational subscribers to LiveWire! Connections who signed up in the previous year, as we’ve discontinued it to make way for the launching of a new membership & partnership program. For those of you who have been clueless about Connections till now, no worries as there’s really not a great chasm between the rates. So everyone… don’t miss out… get registered & come join us for a grand time at the conference! =)

  11. Charge Up! Conference 2008 | Mark Leo.Net Says:

    […] One year down the road and it’s here again, Charge Up 2008!  Of course I will be taking up the photography workshop as usual and I can’t wait to learn more from Louis Pang again. I have been to many photography workshops and I loved his teachings and lessons. Given that it was extremely new to me the last time (I couldn’t understand what he meant when he said SB-800 or 17-35mm f/2.8). All I knew was that he takes amazing photos and it was then that I realised I wanted more from my camera. […]

  12. Grace Says:

    The photography stream is fully booked as of today. But the web and video stream remains open for registration. Please sign up soon!

  13. Wen Sen Says:

    wow. That’s fast.

  14. Mark Says:

    Wow, that’s amazing! Looking forward to meeting all those who have signed up for the photography workstream.

  15. Alicey Says:

    See you all!

  16. Ian Salang Says:

    Conference ! Conference! Rah-rah-rah!

    Will be bringing a group from Sarawak this round! Different races, churches and backgrounds!
    It’ll be great exposure for most of them, and for some, a good chance to meet up
    again after awhile!

    See you all soon!

  17. The One with the Rat Race | Mark Leo.Net Says:

    […] Anyway, the Charge Up! 2008 conference is coming soon, next week to be precise. Really looking forward to it and I need to practice shooting this weekend as well or else I might forget what I learned. Baby steps is what I need to take. […]

  18. Day 1 at the Charge Up Conference 2008 | Mark Leo.Net Says:

    […] I just had a fantastic day at the Charge Up Conference at Life College at Jalan Tandang. Why fantastic? Because I am learning more and more about photography. What made today even more fantastic is that I participated in my first “No chimping” contest. Basically “No Chimping” is a method where we shoot in manual mode and take photos with our Digital SLR without looking at the LCD monitor. […]

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