Open Sessions at Charge Up!

There’ll be seven sessions during the conference that’ll be open to everyone - the four Power Up! sessions in the mornings, MediaShowcase Night on Friday, and the streams’ screening & sharing times on Saturday & Sunday. Please refer to the schedule for exact times.

This is specially for those media leaders & artists out there who may not be into going for workshops this season of life, or may feel a little dry or even burnt out, or just in need of a good boost in the right direction. Do join us for any or all of the 7 sessions to simply be blessed! Drop us a line to say you’re coming, if you can. =)

We’re going to have 4 really excellent speakers to speak life into our lives during the Power Up! sessions - Pr Kenneth Chin on Thursday, Pr Sandra Chin on Friday, Mr Goh Keat Peng on Saturday & Dr Goh Chee Leong on Sunday. And for most of the worship sessions, we have the privilege of having with us members of 1 Accord Ministry. We expect that the time these servants of God spend with us will be really priceless. So don’t miss out on it… come and be charged up!

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