Super Charged Up!

Wow it was an amazing 4 days of soaking in inspiration and information! 66 delegates and about 30 trainers, helpers and speakers came together at the Charge Up! 2008 Conference last Thursday till Sunday. The excitement was contagious, as all pride was put aside, and we learnt from each other, whether young or old. I was personally impressed at the quality of the work that was presented at the end of the conference. Some delegates have had no experience at all, not even touching a video camera, but together with the rest of the team, came up with videos that looked pretty good! The photography stream had a blast of a time printing their photos and sticking them in albums. What I admired about them was that they encouraged and willingly shared information with each other as they viewed each other’s work. The delegates from the web stream came up with their own website design and managed to put it into html code. Amazing!

I learnt a lot during this Conference, not just about media skills, but also from the speakers. What Pastor Kenneth shared on Friday spoke to me, and I am challenged to pursue my dreams, to believe that whatever God placed in my heart will come to pass. It is, as Pastor Kenneth says, not easy to walk out of God’s will if your heart is constantly seeking Him in the first place. The film “The Killing Fields” that was shown on Sunday by Dr Goh really touched my heart too. I felt convicted that as Christians, we have an important message to bring to the people. With God working through us, the images that we create can be so powerful, to change hearts and minds. Now that we have the skills, what are we doing with it? What kind of images are we creating? What message are we highlighting?

I hope that all of you were inspired at this Conference too. Do post comments here to share about what God has taught you in this conference, and how the conference charged you up.

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  1. Wen Shan Says:

    I’m truly blessed by this conference. It has charged me up in the sense that I now see media from a different point of view. A phrase said during the conference that really struck a chord in me is ‘we should reclaim media for God’. I felt that its was our responsibility as Christian media buffs to do that.
    I was also blessed by the fellowship I had with people there. They were all great people who shared the same passion.

    All in all, it was an awesome conference! =) Kudos to the taskforce members and others who made it possible and a success!

    I’m soo looking forward to next year’s one. =)

  2. Alicey Says:

    Hi Grace! I was thinking, hrmm maybe some1 would have updated something post-conference and true enuf!

    For myself, I think the conference is such a fresh time of reflection and revelation… the speakers are wonderful, and their messages really POWER.. i would say, the messages I caught, has changed my life.
    I am beginning to see things differently now.

    Am also very awed by alot of the works that was shown, esp during Media Showcase.. how powerful and captivating the videos are made to bring across the msgs. I love the GO FISH video with the numbers above the ppl.

    Really wanna thank those who worked so hard for this conference, only with a posture to bless and to give. God bless you all! Esp to Choon Ean, Grace, Alex, Janice, Liston, Poh Sim!

  3. Yee Boon Says:

    The conference is trully an eye opener. I was trully touched to see all the brothers and sisters who, willingly to come and share their experience in their respective profession. Throughout the conference, I would say that God really open my eyes and see the impact of media to this world. The testimony that struck me by a brother (can’t remember his name :p) when God ask him “What did you see?” in New York is such an “awakening call” for me… our world is bombarded with media that seek to fulfill self interest rather than glorifying Him! I began to realize that the existing of media technology is not something that we Christian “avoid” but to “overcome and TAKE OVER” for Him!

    Before this, I am concern about what media ministry is all about. In the end, I trully believe that God gives us talents and want us to glorified Him all alone. I understand that media is a tool to reach out, and what touch the soul is all in all, God Himself, and His word.

    Worldly media seek to fullfill our sense.

    God’s media: “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived”!

    Thanks for the LiveWire crews and the brothers and sisters that serve Him faithfully in the media ministry!

  4. Louis Pang Says:

    Hi everyone from livewire,

    I want to thank all of you for giving me a chance to serve and give
    something back to the very community that had prospered my
    professional life. If we are only doing commercial work where we take
    in and take in and take in without giving out to the community we
    will become very fat Christians. Input without output is a bad formula.

    While the world teaches that we should be independent, Charge Up 2008
    has reminded that I need others and I am dependent on others. Your
    obedience to God, your passion, your kindness and your attitude
    influenced me. Spending time with so many of you, Liston, Choon Ean,
    Grace & Alex, Kee Sitt & Sharon, Jonathan, Janice and the
    participants, have really rekindled my love to serve others.
    Likewise, if you had chosen not to be obedient, passionate, and kind, you
    would affect others in a negative manner.

    My life is enriched when I share it with so many of you. My vision
    widened when I see the outstanding work of the trainers and
    participants. My love for God deepened after four amazing days with
    you guys.

    So I am not independent. Far from it! I am dependent on you and on
    God’s good grace. Not in a needy manner, but we all depend on each
    other. So the pressure is upon all of us to arise and be counted for.
    What we do or don’t do, obey or disobey will affect everyone that we
    are in touch with.

    Thank you Livewire for the privilege to work together. I look forward
    to Charge Up 2009. We will all show up and be counted for, with
    renewed vigor, passion and new stories of God’s amazing work in our


  5. Mark Leo Says:

    Charge Up 2008 had been an exciting and inspiring conference for me. I was truly charged up by the Word that was shared during the power up sessions in the morning and inspired by the many people I have met and gotten to know during the conference.

    It was just amazing that the Word that was shared by Ps Sandra and Kenneth really hit home and I could really feel inspired by it and then to hear the Word from Ps Goh and son was again something very important that perhaps we might miss out in this day and age where life passes by so quickly.

    In terms of the workshops, I feel that I have learned so much from them as a whole, in terms of God, life and photography as well. I just had so much fun with the other photography stream participants and found a new love for printing prints.

    I really want to thank everyone who helped made the conference such a wonderful event (yes, all thanks to God and the task force). A special thanks to Louis for taking the time off for 4 days to teach us about photography and lastly to all the people I have met at the conference, it was a pleasure meeting and getting to know all of you.

    Warm regards,

  6. Raymond Seow Says:

    Oh man..! it was a nightmare when i first did my video production 2 years ago, and i told Poh Sim that it’s going to be my first & my last video..! That’s it.. i was so sure that i’ll never get involved with video production.. again. Never! Though i’m actively serving as a live video support crew in my church, but i always ignored the needs in the video production department. I keep reasoning with myself.. & try to walk away from the needs as far as possible. But i felt like a coward.. a coward that’ll only running away from the needs, then the Lord reminded me of a Scripture in 2 Tim 1:7.. that i do not possess a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline! With that i took the challenge & by faith i signup up for the video production in the Conference.. To cut the story short, i felt so CHARGED UP by the messages that shared by all 4 speakers & the fellowships that we had! & now there’s a passion in my heart that i just want to produce lot of videos that’ll glorify our Father in Heaven! Thanks LireWire & God bless!

  7. Choon Ean Says:

    It’s been really inspiring to hear the testimonies that have been shared from Charge Up! I wish we had recorded all those that were spoken verbally during the conference. But I trust that each one, even the ones unspoken & unwritten has been heard by the Lord!

    Probably the most powerful message for me was how we shouldn’t let any gift or title that we have, define who we are. And that our identity is found and secured in our Maker. This is my prayer for all of us.

    I really can’t thank God enough for all of you who have helped charge up Charge Up! May we continue to be charged to change and connected as one church! =)

    Here’s my blog post with one of the group shots and an animated photo of the task force:

  8. Ian Says:

    I truly have been blessed from this conference. The atmosphere was friendly and the fellowship is something i will cherish as we continue to serve in our respective fields, know that the memories from this will always Charge me Up! Thank you Livewire trainers, crew and organizers!

    Love from Miri!

    - Ian!

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