2008 Workshops

STREAM A: Beginning Video Production

Workshop 1: Pre-Production - Where do I begin?
“It only takes a spark to get a fire going….” That’s easy to sing, but where does that spark come from? And how do you get it going? This workshop will be helping you to see the big-picture overview of the production process and then diving into that grand adventure of developing a script from an idea and into a creative structure that will get your production a-moving. Warning: Involvement of some nitty-gritty detailed planning IS always part of a successful production! Silver-lining: It IS fruitful and it CAN be fun!

Workshop 2: Production - Now, what do I do?
You have your idea and your script, but how are you actually going to get around to shooting it? Eric will share from his experiences and let you learn from his mistakes as he guides you to putting together a cast & crew, equipment, and the logistics of camera, lights and sound in shooting a production. Recommended for those who are new or who have just started in video production.

Workshop 3: Post-Production - Storytelling Editing
Editing is a skill that is more than just pressing buttons and following what the director tells you to do. Great editing skills can make or break your production. What makes a great edit? How can you evoke emotion through editing? Learn all this and more in the workshop.

STREAM B: Intermediate Video Production

Workshop 1: Pre-Production - Be a Pro at Pre-Pro!
Pre-production is most crucial part of any TV production. In this intermediate course, we will explore the in-depth approach on all aspect of pre-production includes location scouting, recce-ing, talent casting, auditioning, technical checklisting, budgeting, etc. Participants will pick up the skills & the heart to be great Producers who lead successful production teams.

Workshop 2: Production - WOW-Shots! with Creative Camera Works
Make your shots look cinematic ! Make your audience go WOW! Learn creative camera works such as creative blocking, illusion of depth, smooth motion with handheld camcorders and steadycam.

Workshop 3: Post-Production - Visual Effects
If you are have been shooting video and editing them on your NLE software and have tried all the effects and funs stuff conveniently available in it, and you wonder what else can you do.. then you are definitely geared for this workshop. You will learn tips and tricks of producing visual effects and animations; creation of video montage, Blue/Green Screen Keying and Particle Effects. Here you will be introduced various software and tools used by the broadcast and post production studio.

Prerequisite: Knowledge of video editing and Adobe Photoshop.

STREAM C: Intermediate Photography

Unlocking the Artist within You!

This is a three-day intensive creative photography boot camp that will challenge you to think outside the box, under the box and around the box. Enjoy and practice photography in its purest form without a barrage of high tech mumbo jumbo. Delegates will learn from the workshops, group critique and hands-on photography assignments. Learn how to nail your shots in manual mode, make your own digital prints and compile your own pictorial storybook. Be prepared to venture out of your comfort zone in this intimate 20-participant course.

- “no chimping” photo contest…there is life without LCD preview :)
- “less is more”…cultivating a new shooting habit
- the art of pictorial storytelling
- perfecting digital printing
- assemble your own storybook

STREAM D: Beginning Web Production

As the world moves into the digital era, so too should the regular media freelancer… or the non-profit community organization down the road. For too long, even the church has let Internet technology pass it by. Don’t get left in the dark ages of communicative-sharing. Shake it up! Learn how to disseminate information via the Internet & maintain a website with less than 30 minutes a week! At the same time, keep it real & get creative!

Via this course, you will combine software skills and techniques on producing websites that make an impact. By the end of the conference, you will be able to publish your website and maintain it as how many big organisations do.


Behind the scenes of Skyline Videos
Eric Foo, will share his insights, commentary, and a look behind the scenes of some of the short films that have produced by Skyline SIB. These include projects such as Amazed and Everything.

Running the Church News Marathon
Have you always wanted to have a weekly church news or announcements video running like clock work every single week? Or even wondered if it is even possible to run one with your current packed schedule? Now you can learn how! Alvin Keng will help you look behind the scenes of what happens when you run the church news or video announcements on a weekly basis. Prepare yourself with tips and tricks to get yourself a head start in running your own church news marathon. But, most importantly of all, find out how to do it and sustain it for years to come!

The Art of 3D Animation
As we enter into digital generation, there has been an increase interest in the area of 3D computer graphics. However many church fears the complexity and the methodologies of creating 3D animation. Just like 2D graphics, 3D animation is able to further simulate the gospel in a new dimension. Shaharudeen Chua will take you on a journey to explore the history, development and theories behind 3D modeling and animation.

Digital Compositing & Motion Tracking
Wonder how the film industry gets animated characters to interact with live characters in a scene? Or replace a billboard with your own video? Or hold a fireball in your hands? Liston Lee will show you the magic!

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