2008 Speakers

Power Up! Speakers

Pr Kenneth Chin (Thursday)

Reverend Kenneth Chin is a law graduate from the University of London who together with Sandra, his wife serves full-time with the Asian Youth Ambassadors (AYA). He is also the publisher of D2Y2 and serves on the board of MCMS (a mission training preparation school).He was also Chairman of the Youth Commission of NECF from 1996 to 1999. Kenneth has been speaking a message of radical faith and revival to youth of all ages since 1988 and firmly believes that the Church of Malaysia and the whole of Asia will soon experience a youth-led revival that will bless the nations of the world. Ordained by the Apostolic Church of New Zealand, he planted ‘ACTS Church’ in Subang Jaya.

Recently, on the 2nd and 3rd of February 2007, Rev. Kenneth Chin and his AYA team orchestrated a national Christian festival, “AYA Festival 2007″. Riding on the waves of success birthed in 2006, “AYA Festival 2007″ pieced Sonicflood (a popular Christian band from US), Arize (a vibrant dance team from New Zealand), inspiring homegrown bands and talents, together with dynamic preachers and pastors, and 180 volunteers from around the region. The festival saw a crowd of 1,500 people from all across the nation answering the trumpet call in aid of the recent flood crisis in Malaysia.

Pr Sandra Chin (Friday)

Pastor Sandra Chin, a company secretary by training, is currently the Executive Director of a non-profit youth development organisation, called Asian Youth Ambassadors (AYA), which she has been pioneering for over 12 years together with her husband, Rev. Kenneth Chin.

With over 20 years of experience in the worship ministry and being involved in the pastoral ministry for over 9 years, Ps. Sandra Chin currently serves as the Worship Pastor of ACTS Church in Subang Jaya. An illustrative, creative, down-to-earth teacher and ardent worship leader, she has led in major youth events and conferences including Parousia, Rock 2000, and Dream Run 2001 and AYA Festival 2006.

Ps. Sandra Chin currently serves on the panel of facilitators for Focus On The Family’s “No Apologies Programme”, challenging the youth towards sexual abstinence and making right choices.

Mr Goh Keat Peng (Saturday)

Goh Keat Peng was born a buddhist and grew up knowing buddhism very well until his first introduction to the gospel through an elderly pastor who gave his testimony about his persecution for Christ’s sake at home. Upon his conversion he became active in the youth fellowship and Sunday School and later through the school Christian fellowships and university fellowships. He taught school in Sitiawan before joining Scripture Union and then Fellowship of Evangelical Students and then Graduates Christian Fellowship.

After those years of service he was asked to serve as executive secretary of the Christian Federation of Malaysia and then World Vision in Malaysia and East Timor. Currently, he serves with the Malaysian Consultative Council of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism and Taoism (MMCCBCHST) whose mission is to safeguard the status of religious freedom in Malaysia.

He has been married for 36 years to Grace and much blessed with Chee Leong, Chee Beng, Pei Shee and little Chien Yin. As a Christian, he is committed to lifestyle relational witness toJesus, wholistic missions, the study and teaching of Holy Scripture, grounding in Christian doctrine and theology, and peace with God and human beings across all ethnic, religious and social barriers.

Dr Goh Chee Leong (Sunday)

Chee Leong currently serves as the Vice President of HELP University College where he also is the Dean of the Faculty of Behavioral Sciences. There, he lectures in a variety of areas, including Social Psychology, Research Methodology, Human Motivation, Developmental Psychology and Cognitive Psychology. He also sits in the EXCO of the Malaysian Psychological Association (PSIMA).He obtained his doctorate in Cognitive Psychology from the University of Otago, in New Zealand, where he was conferred the Otago Postgraduate Award. Prior to that he completed an honors degree in Psychology, Political Science and Philosophy.

He is currently serves as the project leader for several UNICEF interventions in Malaysia, including a capacity building project in Tsunami affected communities in Kedah, the development of national child trauma response team and a bully prevention intervention in Malaysian schools.

Dr. Goh is also frequently involved in corporate consulting and training and specializes in the areas of stress management, emotional intelligence, change management and conflict resolution. He has conducted research into the area of work culture in corporate organizations in Malaysia and has a special interest in the application of psychology in organizational management.

He worships in Emmanuel Methodist Church with his wife, Pei Shee and their daughter, Chien Yin. His passion is for student ministries and he serves on the board for the Fellowship of Evangelical Students (FES) Malaysia. At the core of that same passion is a deep concern for youth and their families, and he spends a lot of time meeting and sharing ideas with parents and educationists on how to create a loving and empowering environment for the next generation.

Video Production Trainers

Alvin Keng
Alvin likes artsy movies, big robots and searching for the best food in town. Currently the Audio & Visual Media Head in ACTS Church, he is working fulltime as a videographer in AYA and is a movie critic who sometimes gets carried away with his ideas and opinions, he aspires to one day become the best TVC director in the world.

Bob Lay
Bob has been in the TV and Film industry for more than 20 years. Graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, he holds a Bachelor’s degree in journalism specializing in Broadcast Journalism. He started out as a cameraman and a technical producer before venturing out into producing and directing, and was with TV3, ntv7 and BERNAMA for a number of years. Currently, he works as a TV Producer and TV Director while managing a TV production company. He is also the Media Coordinator of SIBKL and has been serving in media ministry for the last 4 years.

Eric Foo
Eric started serving in the media ministry seven years ago in SIBKL and is now currently heading the multimedia ministry in Skyline SIB. He believes that media is a ground that the church should be taking back by means of producing quality programmes and raising a new generation who will change the industry from within. He dreams of a day when the message of Christ will be carried on Malaysian television. He would like to make feature films someday and gives permission to people to bug him until he actually gets around to doing it.

Goh Choon Ean
The visual & verbal arts have always intrigued Choon Ean. In 1995, she graduated with a degree and high honors from the University of Texas at Austin, majoring in Advertising, minoring in Photography. Subsequent work experience in America and Malaysia included copy-writing radio ads, designing of promotional materials, texture-mapping for 3-D modeling, rotoscoping videos, creating & managing websites, and programming multiple slide projectors for theatre! The Lord’s touch on Choon Ean’s life while she was in Austin deeply impacted the way she viewed life and all that He gives for living. This, infused with her now hodge-podged intrigue, led to the pioneering of both the multimedia ministry in DUMC in 1998 and LiveWire! in 2005. Over the years, she has clocked extensive hours in video production, from script-conceptualizing to post-production, and in live multicam setups, training and direction. She has also developed a keen interest for how people relate & communicate in teams, organizations and leadership, and how being Christ-centered, Bible-based & Spirit-led fits into & positively shapes all that!

Grace Tan
Grace believes that God loves stories, and she too, tells stories through the art of filmmaking and photography. Through her constant pursuit of creative story telling, Grace has traveled to many places, made documentaries and photographed donkeys in Nepal. She now runs her own media company called Atelier Ventures. Grace truly believes in bringing God’s truth and impacting others through the power of the media.

Liston Lee
Liston graduated as a graphic designer from Limkokwing Institute, and has always been passionate about media production and technology. Having a good understanding of how things work both technically and creatively, God has allowed him to work in various industries; from being a trainer and support specialist to post production houses, lecturing in a vfx school, to managing a vfx for a film production. He truly believes that the talents and skills he has received are from God and is to be used for His glory and passed on to others. He is dedicated to serve in LiveWire! and currently oversees LiveWire!’s production projects and AV equipment.

Lim Kee Sitt
Starting his media passion in web design and photography in the 90’s, Kee Sitt laid the creative foundation for moving into the wonderful world of cinematic digital video in the new millennium. Through years of experience, experimentation and education he has created his own unique and stylized look in wedding and events videography. Kee Sitt is currently the advisor to TWiST, the Media Ministry of Excel Point Community Church.

Photography Trainer

Louis Pang
1st place winner of the Wedding & Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) 2007 8×10 print competition, Louis is a highly sought after photographer & educator in Asia. Louis travels to Australia, Hong Kong, India, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and all over Malaysia for wedding assignments. He was also appointed an Epson Stylus Pro, an elite fraternity of top professionals who are selected for their artistry excellence and technical know-how in digital imaging.

Web Trainers

Alex Lam
Since young, Alex has had a natural affinity towards computers. One of his vivid memories that still haunt him, is the experience of installing Windows 95 from 30 floppy disks! Though proficient in the language of computers, Alex is very much a self-professed-non-geek. He engages in many kingdom activities - both IT and non-IT, and loves traveling the world over. When absolutely necessary, he heads Integricity Corporation, a creative design and technology company he set up in the year 2000.

Saw Poh Sim
Poh Sim believes that Jesus is da bomb and KFC is good for the soul. With a double major in Computer Science and Fine Arts, she has since worked in an advertising firm, pioneered and developed the media ministry in RGBC, and is now following God’s call into freelancing. The co-creator of LiveWire!’s name and “branding”, Poh Sim has an eye for design and a passion to bring God’s truth in a relevant manner through media. She hopes to take the gospel beyond the walls of the church and into the world through motion pictures and TV programmes.

Shaharudeen Chua
Shaharudeen is the former Media Head of SIBKL and has been contributing to the media ministry for the last 7 years. One of his passions for media is to see the gospel preached using the technology available to this generation.

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