Paper Sheets

In a nutshell. Somewhat.

It's amazing how two separate things put together can open up whole new dimensions of meaning & potential. Paper and Pen. Silver and Light. Skills & Spirit. LiveWire! is about creating connections that will spark off ventures into a greater horizon of how we see media & the arts.



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What's Live on the Wire?

ChargeUp! Conference


STILL under construction?!!

After 2 years of trying to get our dream website up & running, & another 8 years of struggling to maintain & update it, we've pretty much come to terms with the fact that it's like how we're working out as dream Christians - it's perpetually (and often perplexingly) an ON-GOING PROCESS.


So we decided to get upfront about it and just upload as it comes! Expect certain links to not go anywhere yet and certain spaces to be either oddly blank or occupied by gibberish. Be assured though, that there's always something that's a-brewing or that we've been having fun a-chewing or re-doing... and check back often for tweaks, peeks & squeaks!






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