Paper Sheets

to raise up! = discipleship = to equip + to empower

We don't just want to see people being equipped in their skills but also empowered in their spirit. Competence & character are both important considerations in the trainings, talks, consultations & counsel that LiveWire! provides. This is how we hope to see a spirit of kingdom excellence raised up in media.


What's going on?

Click on the clock for a calendar of what's happening in the LiveWire! media circle.


What's coming up?

A list of our future events with synopses.


What's been happening?

An archive our past events with synopses.




What good are light bearers, Jesus said,

when they're hidden under a bucket? But when they let their light shine, they help others...

1. see more clearly

2. walk with certainty

3. know they're in good company