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to link up! = fellowship = to establish + to encourage

The strength of a network is about establishing connections or channels of communication. Not being power sockets that stand alone, but being conduits that encourage a sense of cooperativeness, of sharing, of enabling something greater than and beyond oneself to happen. This is how we hope to see talents & resources get linked in fruitful ways.



We get asked this a lot: "How can I be part of LiveWire!?" It's actually not a simple answer but in an attempt to make it so...


OFFICIALLY, you can either be:


1. a LINK member - by tithing your time, talents and treasures towards LiveWire!'s ministry. In a word, this means serving.


2. a LINK partner - by sponsoring media resources or by contributing financially so that the work of the ministry can be carried out in an effective manner. In one word, this means giving.


Either way... and yes, you can be both... simply, state your intentions and we'll get you going on whatever that needs to get going. And when you do, by default, you'll also be invited to our yahoogroup mailing list. If you just want to be on the mailing list to start off with, email Choon Ean and she'll send you an invite the quickest she can.


UNOFFICIALLY, it's really just about building relationships, be it over a meal, or on a project, or in a chat window... it's about sharing stuff with one another, whether it's from your head, your heart or your hoard of gadgets... it's about being able to identify with each other not just because we have the same interests & passions but because we realize we are in the same kingdom, serving the same God. So if you wanna shout out loud that you're a LiveWire! member... go ahead - you'd make our day!



Links to blogs and sites of LiveWire! members & partners.

Links to sites of churches & orgs represented in LiveWire!

Links to church media & tech arts blogs & sites out there.

Links to whatever else that may be relevantly linked here.


Media work can be a long and lonely road

That's why it's been so much more fun with everyone coming in from everywhere for Charge Up! conferences.


The best thing about LiveWire! for many of us has been the friendships forged and the partnerships struck. And although the journey may still be long, it doesn't seem so lonely anymore. =)