Paper Sheets

ChargeUp! Conference

Charge Up! 2013 Ta-pau

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Power Up! Sessions:

- "Like Seeds on Good Ground Pt 1" by Brother Ram

- "Like Seeds on Good Ground Pt 2" by Brother Ram

- "Altar of Celebration" by Brother Sam



Altar of Celebration Slides from Brother Sam


Digital Filmmaking Stream

Documents / Materials

- DSLR Video Ebook

- Lighting Handbook

- Lighting Workshop

- Interview Workshop



- Focus Video Project


Motion Graphics Stream


- Project By Mun Yee

- Project By Leong

- Project By Grace Yong & Elaine

- Project By Jeremy

- Project By Ley-lynn

- Project By Grace Ong

- Project By Marlene

- Project By Julia

- Project By Denis


Design Stream

Documents / Materials

- Design Process

- Introduction To Graphic Design

- Photoshop Introduction

- Printing Process

- Visual Communication



- People's Voice Party

- Suara Aku Boleh


Fundamental Musicianship Stream

Documents / Materials

- The Sound of Music: Quadrants

- Vocals: Breathing Exercises & Warm-Ups

- Project: Ransomned (GarageBand MP3 Edit)




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